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WeedMD to Convert Toronto-Based CannDo to its First Cannabis Education Centre

2018-10-16 11:37:28

Internationally-Renowned Cannabis Advocate & Pioneer Amy “Anonymous” Brown to Oversee Education Centre as it launches “Pop-Up Shop” on October 16-18

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WeedMD Inc. (TSX-V:WMD) (OTCQX:WDDMF) (FSE:4WE) (“WeedMD” or the “Company”), a federally-licensed producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement for a pilot project to convert a popular Toronto-based medical cannabis centre to a WeedMD cannabis education centre (“Education Centre”). Internationally-renowned medical cannabis advocate Amy Brown, also known as Amy Anonymous, will oversee the Education Centre with a preview “Pop-up Shop” opening on October 16-18, located at 685 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor in Toronto, Ontario.

“As one of the cannabis industry’s pioneers and a staunch and knowledgeable advocate, Amy has been helping patients navigate safe cannabis use for over a decade and it’s an honour to welcome Amy, her patients and her peer group to the WeedMD family,” said Keith Merker, CEO of WeedMD. “With the onset of legalization, our industry has a long way to go in helping the general public understand cannabis strains, terpene profiles, dosing, safety, etc. and Amy’s team is an added asset to our WeedMD Education Centre pilot project. This further exemplifies our commitment to our medical patients which is strongly rooted in everything we do.“

“When I started down the path of cannabis advocacy over 10 years ago, there was a limited number of trusted and knowledgeable influencers in the space but my long-standing relationship with the crusaders that planted the first seeds at WeedMD comes full-circle today as we partner to advance the need for cannabis education,” said Amy Brown, General Manager of WeedMD’s Education Centre. “Today I’m proud to officially join the team and I know that my loyal patients will transition seamlessly to the WeedMD family who’s commitment to the medical cannabis patient will always be at the core of its value system. Its promise to provide us with consistent medical-grade supply, free shipping and the absorbing of the excise tax are further validations to our partnership and commitment.”

About the “Education Centre Pop-up Shop”


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Statistics Canada issues a challenge as non-medicinal cannabis becomes legal

2018-10-16 11:00:03

OTTAWA, Oct.16, 2018 /CNW/ - Tomorrow, the use of cannabis for non-medicinal purposes will become legal in Canada. How long will health professionals, law enforcement agencies, policy makers, researchers, the media and Canadians have to wait to get accurate and timely information on the effects of this change?

That's up to Canadians, says Statistics Canada. The national statistical agency is issuing a challenge. If enough Canadians report their purchases on the StatsCannabis website, Canadians will be able to track in real time the changes in social and economic behaviour related to the legalization of cannabis.

If enough data is submitted, Statistics Canada will be able to measure such things as the difference between the illegal and legal price, the reason why some people choose to purchase illegal cannabis and the number of new consumers.  Statistics Canada has created the StatsCannabis crowdsourcing platform for people to post their information.

Since the Government tabled legislation in April to legalize cannabis, Statistics Canada has been updating the national statistical infrastructure to capture and record the economic and social activities associated with the production and use of cannabis.

An important part of this infrastructure was the launch of the StatsCannabis crowdsourcing platform where Canadians are asked to anonymously submit information pertaining to the price they paid for cannabis along with information about their consumption patterns.  As of October 1, 20,000 prices have been posted on the website.


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Emerald Health Therapeutics Files 17 Patent Applications Covering Defined Dose™ Cannabis Products

2018-10-16 11:00:00

Unique Emerald cannabinoid formulations and dosage forms focused on providing consumers precise and differentiated products based on protected intellectual property

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. (“Emerald”) (TSXV:EMH; OTCQX:EMHTF) has filed 17 provisional US patent applications covering Emerald’s unique Defined Dose™ cannabis dosage forms and formulations. Based on proprietary Emerald research, these patent applications are contributing to Emerald’s intellectual property portfolio and its intent to develop distinctive cannabis products for medical-use and improved adult-use.  The products provide more precise and consistent delivery, dosage, and formulations. Defined Dose™ cannabis products will, when made available to the public, provide consumers with products currently not available.

The seventeen Defined Dose™ cannabis patent applications relate to:

Certain of the Defined Dose™ cannabis products are eligible for launch in Canada under existing Canadian regulations. Others are expected to be eligible under anticipated regulatory changes in 2019.

“We expect significant potential cannabis market growth by offering adult users and medical consumers consistent product characteristics, dosing regimens, and alternative methods of consumption, with safety enhanced through GMP-compliant production and enhanced product utility achieved through knowledge of science. Emerald’s filing of these patent applications is an important step,” said Chris Wagner, CEO of Emerald. “Our expanding research and development effort is focused on internal facilities and staff as well as forming key relationships with other cannabis research experts, such as our recently announced agreement with VivaCell Biotechologies Espana.”


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Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd. Launches the Strainprint Community - an Online Forum Providing Cannabis Education and Resources to Coincide With Legalization in Canada

2018-10-16 11:00:00

The Online Space Offers a Safe Space for Cannabis Enthusiasts and the Canna-Curious to Share Information, Overcome Obstacles, Create Opportunities and Unite as a Community

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd launched the Strainprint Community, Cannabis in Good Company today - a real-time, online platform that provides education and support for the growing cannabis community. The site aims to help both veteran and new users to navigate through the historical transition to legalized cannabis in Canada.

Built by patients for patients, Strainprint started off by providing a free medical cannabis tracking app. The app powers Strainprint Analytics, which provides anonymized, invaluable, crowd-sourced data to clinics, pharmacies, licensed producers, researchers, physicians, government, and the entire cannabis industry. With more than 800,000 anonymous personal health records and 30 million data points, Strainprint Analytics is the leading source of medical cannabis data in all of North America.

With the same patient-centric spirit and realization for the need for sound educational tools in mind, Strainprint created the Strainprint Community. The objective was to leverage their data insights and industry influence to become the go-to source for everything cannabis related. The Community features up-to-date information, educational tools, articles, news, event listings, recipes, private groups, and discussion forums - all provided in a safe, moderated and stigma-free environment.

"As Canada ventures into this new world of legalization, there will be a lot of questions and curiosity. The Strainprint Community is a space for people to ask questions, learn, connect, share ideas and support one another," said Strainprint Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Stephanie Karasick. "We're lucky to be living in a country at a time where we get to see the end of prohibition. However, it's going to take some time for many people to believe that cannabis isn't the dangerous drug we were told it was. We have a lot of information and conversation available for everyone from the canna-curious to the most knowledgeable people in the industry."


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Quinsam Liquidity Event Update: CannAmerica Brands; FLRish Inc./Harborside

2018-10-16 10:50:00


TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quinsam Capital Corporation (CSE:QCA) ("Quinsam" or the "Company") is pleased to update its investors on recent news relating to liquidity events by its investee companies.

Quinsam congratulates CannAmerica Brands Corp. on its recent listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.  CannAmerica has an interesting brand licensing model that we think gives the company a lower-than-typical risk profile.  The stock commenced trading yesterday under the symbol CANA.  Quinsam invested $495,000 in this company at $0.30 per share.  The shares closed on the first day of trading at $1.02.

Quinsam would also like to congratulate FLRish Inc. on the announcement of a new financing round of securities convertible at $6.90 per share.  We invested US$1.25 million at US$4.10 per share and we are also participating in the latest financing.  FLRish Inc. operates in California under the iconic Harborside name.  The company plans to file its listing statement shortly and is targeting a Q4 listing.  We are not sure if there will be time for the regulatory process to clear this issue by year end. However, when it lists we expect this company to have a very favourable market reception.  We continue to see strong upside potential in our most recent investment at $6.90 per share.

Quinsam continues to look forward to numerous other Q4 liquidity events.


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Lift & Co. Corp. Opens the Market

2018-10-16 10:00:52

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Matei Olaru, Chief Executive Officer, Lift & Co. Corp. (LIFT), joined Steven Mills, Regional Head, TSX Company Services, Toronto Stock Exchange & TSX Venture Exchange, to open the market. Lift & Co. Corp. is a platform that helps Canadians explore, understand, and make better informed decisions around cannabis. Lift & Co. operates a product-comparison resource of federally regulated cannabis products, provides marketing solutions and insights, and connects businesses and consumers through its digital platform and various events. Lift & Co. Corp. commenced trading on TSX Venture Exchange on September 17, 2018.

SOURCE TMX Group Limited

Lift & Co. Corp. Opens the Market (CNW Group/TMX Group Limited)


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MedMen Hires Veteran HR Executive

2018-10-16 10:00:00

Clarence Foster brings more than 20 years of experience leading human resources at Nissan, Yamaha, L’Oreal, McDonald’s and ExxonMobil

Clarence Foster (Photo: Business Wire)

Clarence Foster (Photo: Business Wire)


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Imex Systems GOVCANN to Empower Industry Participants

2018-10-16 09:00:26

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Imex Systems Inc. ("Imex" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: IMEX; OTC: IMSYF) a software solution provider to Governments, Municipalities and Public Authorities, is pleased to announce that it has advanced its working model of the GOVCANN platform and is in the process of forming strategic relationships as the country prepares for adult-use cannabis legalization on October 17, 2018.

The Company is developing the GOVCANN platform utilizing artificial intelligence to amass highly scalable cannabis data analytics and will provide geographically specific and relevant content for users. This will be built upon a Canada-wide, real-time blockchain tracking system in order to enhance public safety and reduce regulatory costs by mitigating supply chain risks associated with legal cannabis product diversion and unknown product quality in the black market.

Further to integrating GOVCANN into its iGov platform, the Company aims to initially work with municipalities and regional law enforcement agencies to promote socially responsible cannabis initiatives within their communities. This education and awareness platform is critical to the development of the responsible, safe cannabis industry in Canada.

"We have been consulting with representatives at various levels of government and have found that there is a dire need for information as it relates to both medical and adult-use recreational cannabis," said Rob Klein, CEO of Imex. "We have the technology, the platform, and expertise so extending our relationships with governments and public agencies into the rapidly emerging cannabis industry is a natural fit. We are excited to launch our initial pilot project and will provide more details in the coming weeks."

About Imex Systems


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Reminder - Media Event Today: Cannabis at YVR

2018-10-16 09:00:00

RICHMOND, BC, Oct. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - Join us today at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to learn what travellers need to know with the upcoming cannabis legalization.

The media event will begin with brief, formal speaking remarks at The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe.  Following that, media are invited to join us on a walking tour of the departure points for Domestic, U.S. and International, highlighting the nuances of the upcoming legalization for each respective destination. There will be opportunities for interviews during and after the walking tour portion of the event.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018



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GrowGeneration Forms GrowGeneration Canada

2018-10-16 09:00:00

Plans to Acquire Canadian Grow Supply Companies and Go Public in Canada

DENVER, Oct. 16, 2018 /CNW/ - GrowGeneration Corp. (OTCQX: GRWG), ("GrowGen USA" or the "Company") one of the largest specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores, selling to both the commercial and home cannabis markets, with currently 19 locations, today announced it is forming GrowGeneration Canada for the purpose of acquiring  retail and wholesale equipment and grow supply companies servicing the Canadian cultivator. The Company will initially operate out of Ontario and British Columbia and plans to finance this entity and its acquisitions independently from GrowGen USA. The Company has begun discussions with several acquisition targets, expected to total over $20M.

Darren Lampert, Co-Founder and CEO, said, "As part of our expansion and growth strategy, GrowGen USA identifies emerging markets, like Canada and sets a plan in place to offer cultivators a one-stop operation for all of their grow supply needs. With over 11M sq. ft. of cultivation in place, plus laws that include home growing and micro-cultivation licenses, makes Canada a great new market opportunity for us. GrowGen Canada will seek to acquire profitable wholesale and retail hydroponic and grow supply businesses and access the Canadian public markets to finance these targeted acquisitions. Following our USA model, GrowGen Canada will deploy a knowledge- based direct sales team, of "Grow Pros" that will offer our one-stop shopping solutions and consultative services to the Canadian cultivators."

Canadian Market Overview

On October 17, 2018, Canada will become the largest country in the world to legalize cannabis. About 4.9 million Canadians used cannabis and consumed more than 20 grams of marijuana per person in 2017, spending a total $5.6 billion on the product, according to estimates from Statistics Canada. Legal cannabis sales could reach $6.5 billion by 2020, according to an estimate from CIBC analysts. In a report published last month, the analysts predicted cannabis sales could top sales of spirits, with the potential to yield $1 billion.63 per cent of current cannabis users in Canada plan to make purchases at legal retailers, according to a survey commissioned by Deloitte that polled 1,500 Canadians. By the survey's estimates, the legal cannabis market could generate $4.3 billion in sales next year. The Deloitte survey also found cannabis users would be willing to pay $8.98 per gram through legal channels. The current average price per gram in the illegal market is $8.24 per gram. There will be an excise tax of $1 per gram or 10 per cent of the retail price, whichever is greater. Provinces will take 75 per cent of the revenue, and the federal government will reap 25 per cent of the profit from this tax.


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